Company Profile

The Latta Corporation was established in Kitchener, Ontario in 2008 as a Independent Sales & Marketing Consultation firm. Since then, Latta Corp has expanded across Western Canada to become a highly competitive National sales agency, providing services to Fortune 500 companies such as Telus, Direct Energy, and Elavon. As of 2015, Latta Corp’s operation has expanded into the US market.

Company Mission

To establish a long term, mutually beneficial relationship with our partnered clients by providing exceptional results and positive change.

Company Vision

To become an internationally established sales & marketing consultation group recognized for exceptional service and integrity.

Company Goal

To help our clients reach their desired target results.



Over 12 years of sales & marketing campaign management


Client Profile

Successfully managed over 10 high-level client campaigns



Offices in Canada and US


Customer Engagement

Over 96,000 customers engaged annually



100+ sales consultants and support staff across Canada and US

Company Values

To help our clients Latta Corp strongly believes that the core values of an organization will serve as the foundation for success. Our values can best be described through the acronym L.E.A.P..


Can be defined as the organization of a group of people to achieve a common goal. We possess the vision, the charisma, and the power to promote positive change for any client to help them achieve their desired goals.


We empower all of our staff with the social and educational tools to create positive change and successful interactions.


We understand that the sustainability of a positive attitude is the most important factor one can take towards the achievement of their greatest potential.


We understand that success is built on hard work and determination. In a changing market, we possess the power to adapt our performance strategies and embrace change.

Latta Corp specializes in developing custom sales and Marketing Campaigns to help our clients achieve their desired goals